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TESLA Universal 7th Hungarian MidAm OpenChampionship 2019

6-8th of September, 2019

Organizers: The Hungarian MidAm Golf Association, the Hungarian Golf Federation and Zala Springs Golf Resort

Rules: The Championship organized according to the Rules of R&A Limited, the Tournament Rules of

Hungarian Golf Federation, and the Local Rules of Zala Springs Golf Resort.

Date of the event:           06-08th of September 2019 (Friday-Sunday)

The venue of the event:   Zala Springs Golf Resort, (Zalacsány)

Form the event:               Stroke play on 54 (3x18) holes

Deadline of entry:            4th of September, 2019 4 PM (Wednesday)

Registry fee:                     Eur 150 / player

Registry fee can be transferred to MMAGE Magyar Mid-Amatőr Golf Sportegyesület (OTP Bank Rt. 11702067-20003043 bank account) or can be paid by cash or debit/credit card.


Registry fee includes:

- 4 days of greenfees (incl. practice round on the 5th of September;

- snack on the 3 championship day;

- participation on the dinner on Friday (opening day of the Championship)

- lunch on Sunday after the round

Form of entry: on this page by clicking on the REGISTRATION button.

Categories:    gents


Tees:              gents back tee (white)

                      ladies standard tee (red)

Participants: Regardless of the gender, all Hungarian and foreign countries amateur golf players, who turned 30 years of age until 6th of September 2019. (birthday: 6th of September 1989 or earlier). Players must meet with the requirements of the Championship and must hold a valid handicap. There is no upper age limit.

The maximum number of players in the two categories is 144. Upon waiting list, members of Hungarian MidAm Golf Association has an advantage up to 50% of the field. Beyond that, the lower handicap player has an advantage. The Championship committee can close the entry before the announced day.

CUT: In gents category, after 36 holes the first 60 lowest score and ties. In the ladies category the 10 lowest score and ties. Furthermore, each player joins to the final round who is in the top10 according to the Netto scores. If the field is less than 78 players than further 3 gents and 1 lady from the lowest score can join to the Final round on Sunday.

Green card: The Championship Committee has 3 wild cards.

HCP limit for Hungarian players 22.0 (EHCP), and waiting list 26.0 (EHCP)

HCP limit for foreign players 16.0 (EHCP), and waiting list 22.0 (EHCP)

If the field doesn't reach the maximum number of players of 144, then players will be added from the waiting list.

The handicap of the players could be checked at their National Golf Federation. Handicap certificate must be presented 1 week before the Championship's 1st day.

Championship Committee: Damian MacPherson, Révész Tamás, Jakobi András, Buna Edvin, Cservák László

Versenybírók: Jakobi András, Buna Edvin, Cservák László

The decision of the Championship Committee is final.

Knowing the rules of the championship is the responsibility of the player.


The Hungarian Championship (in gents and ladies category)

gross   1-3rd places (gents)

gross   1st place (ladies)

net      1-6th places (gents)

net      1-3rd places (ladies)

Evaluation of gross results

3 days of stroke results

Evaluation of net results

3 days of stroke minus playing handicap results

The Hungarian Champion title can be won by only Hungarian citizen.

The Hungarian Open Championship (in gents and ladies category)

gross   1-3rd places (gents)

gross   1st place (ladies)

Evaluation of gross results

3 days of stroke results

The Hungarian Open Champion title can be won by any of the participants of the Championship.

MidAm Golf Tour 2019 points: Registered MidAm Golf Tour players will be awarded points according to the 1st or 2nd column of the MidAm Golf Tour point table.

Tee off:

On the 18-hole golf course of ZalaSprings Golf Resort, up to 84 players from 2 tees, between 85 and 104 players from 1 tee, and above 104 players from 2 tees in the morning and in the afternoon in EHCP order, according to the Rules of Ranklist Tournaments of the Hungarian Golf Federation. Startlist will be available from 4 PM 5th September 2019 at the reception (tel.: +36-20-403-4960), at www.midamgolf.hu and at PCCaddie.

Order of tee-offs: On the first day EHCP ascending order, on the second-day flights will be switched between morning/afternoon and 1/10 tees, on the third day the descending order of the aggregate results of the first two days. The same gender should play in a flight. Three players will play in a flight.

Ties: In gross and net category the winner should be decided by a playoff (sudden death) upon tie. The Championship Committee decides the holes of the Playoff. Places will be decided by the lower stroke (and net stroke) on the last 36, 18, 9, 6, 3, 1 holes upon ties on other places. If a decision can't be made than draw decides.

The pace of play: According to the Rules of the Hungarian Golf Federation (point #17)

Returning the scorecard: As soon as the player finished the round, the scorecard must be returned at the scoring area. Scorecard can't be modified upon the player left the scoring area. Please make sure to write the scores readable and score car are signed by both the player and the marker.

Prizegiving ceremony: 30 minutes after the last scorecard is returned on the Final day.


Practice round

5th of September 2019 (Thursday)

Tee time reservation is highly recommended (tel.: +36 20 403 4960)

Please arrange the entry fee before you start your practice round.

Tournament days:

1st day (6th of September, Friday)

8:00 - 9:30      Morning flights tee-off

12:10 - 13:40  Afternoon flights tee-off

17:00 - 19:00  DiVino Wine Tasting

18:00 - 19:00  MMAGE Annual General Meeting (only for members of MMAGE)

20:00 -            Startlist for the 2nd day

2nd day (7th of September, Saturday)

8:00 - 9:30      Morning flights tee-off

12:10 - 13:40  Afternoon flights tee-off

19:00 -            Grill & The Box Donuts party

20:00 -            CUT & start list for the final round

3rd day (8th of September, Sunday)

8:00 - 9:30      Final round tee off 1/10

12:30 -            Sunday Brunch

~14:00 -          Prize giving ceremony

Participation in all the above-mentioned events is included in the registration fee.

Caddies: According to the Rules of the Hungarian Golf Federation, professionals are not allowed to caddie amateur players. Breaching this rule occurs 2 strokes penalty on each hole, where the rule was breached.

E-car: Use of cars are allowed in line with the Rules of the Hungarian Golf Federation's Tournament Rules. Above 55 of age, e-car can be used if a medical certificate is presented 1 week before the 1st day of the Tournament at the Championship Committee. Super senior players above the age of  70 can use e-car without any limitation.

Rules are subject to change.

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All rights reserved by Hungarian Mid-Amateur Golf Association

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