MidAm Match Play Open Championship

12th-14th of July, 2019 Balatonudvari


The Hungarian MidAmateur Golf Association and the Balaton Golf Club


According to the R&A Rules Limited, the Hungarian Golf Federation's Tournament rules, and the

local rules of Balaton Golf Club in effect on the days of the event.

Date of the event:          12th - 14th of July, 2019 (Friday to Sunday, 3 days)

The venue of the event:  Balatonudvari, Balaton Golf Club

Form of the game:          Gents: match play 3x9, and then 4x18 holes; Ladies 4x18 holes

Entry deadline:               10th of July, 2019. noon

Entry fee:                       €130 / player

Entry fee can be paid by bank transfer to MMAGE Magyar Mid-Amatőr Golf Sportegyesület,

OTP Bank Nyrt. 11702067-20003043 or by cash at the reception of the club 1 day before the event.

Entry fee includes

- a green fees for all rounds;

- snack for 3 tournament days;

- Saturday night dinner;

- a voucher from Balaton Golf Club for a 50% discount on the green fee, which is valid until the end of 2019 golf season.

The way to apply: only on this website, from the 27th of May, https://www.midamgolf.hu/nevezes_matchplay


gents standard (yellow)

ladies standard (red)


All golf players with a maximum handicap of 36.0, who reached the age of 30 until the first day of the event (birthday earlier than 12th of July, 1989). The golfer must be affiliated to his/her national federation and must hold a valid handicap. There is no upper age limit.

Limit of the number of players

In gents category 64 players (4x16), in ladies category 16 players (1x16)

Daily tee-off times (shotgun every day)

Gents category

1st day 1st round 09:00; 2nd round 11:30; 3rd round 14:00 (3x9 holes)

2nd day 1st round 08:00; 2nd round 14:00 (2x18 holes)

3rd day 1st round 08:00; 2nd round 13:30 (2x18 holes)

Ladies category

1st day 1st round 14:00 (1x18 holes)

2nd day 1st round 08:00; 2nd round 14:00 (2x18 holes)

3rd day 1st round 13:30 (1x18 holes)


Startlist is available on www.midamgolf.hu/startlista_matchplay, or in the official website of PC Caddie under the MidAm Match Play Open Championship. Startlist will be published 2 PM. on the day before the event.

Prizes and categories                

Open Championship

Gents 1st to 3rd (in every 16 boards)

Ladies 1st to 3rd

Championship committee

Zilahy Csaba, Tringer László, Révész Tamás (elnök), Jakobi András, Buna Edvin


Jakobi András, Buna Edvin

MidAm Golf Tour 2019 points

The Tour players collect points according to the "MidAm Golf Tour 2019” sheet, 3rd column.

Returning the scorecard

After finishing the match, as soon as possible, the player must return his or her scorecard at the scoring area. The marker must sign it before returning the card. There is no possibility to change the scorecard after returning it and upon player left the scoring area.

On the first days, the scorecards need to be returned only after the 3x9 matches.

The pace of play

According to the Tournament Rules' of the Hungarian Golf Federation point 17.

Process of the game

Maximum 64 male can participate in the Championship, who will make up 4 pax flights. Each player plays 9-hole matches with all opponents in the flight (winner gets 3 points, loser gets no points and in case of half each player gets 1 point).  After the 1st day and order will be formed (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th). Each 1st players on all flight will be directed to the 1st board (16 players total), runner ups will be directed to the 2nd board and so on. On the 2nd and 3rd days, players compete on 2x18 holes on the basic concept of winners with the winners, losers with the losers.

The maximum number of female players is 16. On the first day they play no qualification round, but a practice round upon request. 2nd and 3rd day are similar to the male category process.


According to the Tournaments Rules' of the Hungarian Golf Federation point #23 with the following extension: on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd 4th board game must be continued after 18 holes upon a tie until decide. On the first day (9-hole matches), the game must be finished after 9 holes even in case of the half.


Upon ties in the groups after the first day, the better result against the opponent, who stands with the player on the tie, counts. If this could not decide, then the most won holes count.

Prize giving ceremony

On the last tournament day, 30 minutes after returning the last scorecard.

Practice day

There is no official practice day, however, tee time can be booked individually at +36 70 5042 692. Greenfee must be paid at the reception.


Professionals are not allowed to be a caddy.


Above 55 of age with health certificate shown 3 days before the Championship to the Committee. Age of super senior players can use cars without restrictions.

Rules are subject to change.