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The tournament is organized by: the Hungarian Mid-Amateur Golf Sports Association

Rules: the tournament will be held in accordance with the R&A Rules Limited, the Slovenská Golfová Asociácia Competition Rules (SGA), the MidAm Golf League 2022 rules, and the local rules of Welten Golf Club.

​Participants: regardless of gender, all Hungarian and foreign amateur golfers who have reached the age of 25 by 9 July 2022 and whose club is a member of the Hungarian Golf Association, the SGA, or its national association.

​The tournament takes place: at Welten Golf Club, Báč 113, 930 30 Báč, Slovakia

​Date and time of the competition: 09 July 2022 (Saturday), 9:00

Practice round: 08 July 2022 (Friday), €45 / person, individual tee time reservation at +421 917 094 774

Form of the game: stroke-play, with a maximum number of strokes (Par+5 strokes), HCP qualifying round


Entry deadline: entries must be submitted electronically via the GOLFiGO (official server of the Hungarian Golf Federation) by 12.00 noon on the day before the tournament.​

Entry fee:

€30 Welten Golf Club members (who have a valid membership for the duration of the tournament)

€90 for Hungarian MidAm members

€100 for non-Welten Golf Club and non-Hungarian MidAm members

The entry fee includes participation in the tournament and prize-giving, a post-race meal for competitors, a breakfast package (mineral water, sandwich, fruit), DeLaVie and Fizzy refreshment points at 3 points on the golf course, unlimited use of the driving range and discounted greenfee on the practice day.


Women's - MidAm Gold (Welten blue) CR=73,8 SR=134

Men - MidAm Black (Welten white) CR=71.9 SR=133

Categories, awards[1]

Men                  gross   1-3 places      stroke-play with a maximum number of strokes

Women           gross   1-3 places      stroke-play with a maximum number of strokes

Men A [2]        net       1-3 places       stroke-HCP

Men B [3]        net       1-3 places       stroke-HCP

Women           net       1-3 places       stroke-HCP

Longest drive for men and women

Nearest to the pin for men and women

Tee off: from 1 or 2 tees on the 18-hole par 72 course at Welten Golf Club, starting at 9 am.

The number of participants: 120, in case of overbooking the Tournament Committee will act according to Annex 2 of the current MidAm Golf League 2022 Competition Rules.

Results announcement: within 30 minutes of the last scorecard being submitted.

Competition Committee: Tamás Révész (chairman), Ing. Miroslav Mazúch, András Jakobi, Edvin Buna, Adam Sandor

Rules officials: András Jakobi (chief official), Edvin Buna, Révész Tamás

​Returning the scorecard: the scorecard must be handed in without delay at the end of the game in the designated scoring area, signed by the competitor and their scorer. Once the player has handed in his scorecard, he cannot make any changes or corrections.



Each player is responsible for his own health and that of others and enters and participates in the tournament at his own risk, which he acknowledges by paying the entry fee. The Hungarian Mid-Amateur Golf Sports Association accepts no liability for any incident or damage, whether material, health, or moral, caused by failure to comply with the above rules. The MidAm Golf League 2022 Regulations shall prevail in all matters not regulated herein. The officials’ decision is final. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to make changes!

[1] At least 10 participants in each category. If the number of entrants is less than this number, the Association reserves the right to award only 1st place

[2] The first half (50%) of the field is in ascending order of handicap. In the case of an odd number of players 50%+1 competitor

[3] [3] Second half (50%) of the field in ascending order of handicap. In case of an odd number of players 50%-1 competitor

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