MidAm Golf Tour 2019

Conditions of the Serie

The Hungarian Mid-Amateur Golf Association launches its „Mid-Am Golf Tour 2019” Golf Tournament Series in 2019 with the following conditions.


Each tournament of the Series will be organized according to the Rules of R&A, the Tournament Rules, and Order of Merit Rules of Hungarian Golf Federation, the local rules of the hosting golf club and the relevant rules of the Hungarian Mid-Amateur Golf Association.


The Players can receive point according to their gross stableford place, or stroke play place or match play place depending on the form of the actual tournament. The order of merit of „MidAm Golf Tour 2019” will be set up by the decreasing order of points received by the players.


Mid-Am Gents, Mid-Am Ladies


Participants of MidAm Golf Tour

All golf players with a maximum exact handicap of 36 can apply, whose club is affiliated to the Hungarian Golf Federation and has an active status or can prove his or her handicap by a national golf federation. Furthermore, every player must meet with the conditions of the given tournament.


All players can be listed on the Order of Merit of the "MidAm Golf Tour 2019" upon meets with the conditions of present Rules and until 1st of January, 2019 he or she has reached the age of 30. All players will be listed upon payment of a one-time registration fee. 

The Mid-Amatőr Golf Tour 2019

25th of May 2019 (Sat)                   MidAm Golf Tour Opening Cup, Hencse National

12-14th of July 2019 (Fri-Sun)         MidAm Matchplay Championship, Balaton Golf

6-8th September 2019 (Fri-Sun)    TESLA Universal Hungarian MidAm Open Championship, Zala Springs

6th of October 2019 (Sun)              MidAm Order of Merit Tournament, Pannónia Golf & CC (this event is opened for everyone)

The registration fee of the Tour

HUF 15.000 / Player, which need to be paid on the first event of the player on which he or she attends. Only those players will be listed, who paid the registration fee.

Free for Members of Hungarian Mid-Amateur Golf Association, if they paid their yearly dues.



Application for MidAm Golf Tour

There is no need to register for the MidAm Golf Tour 2019, it is only necessary to register for the events separately according to the Conditions of given Tournament.


The player who applied for an event, but did not attend nor canceled will be disqualified from the „MidAm Golf Tour 2019” and his or her points will be lost.


Points of "MidAm Golf Tour 2019"

Players can receive points on each tournament of the "Mid-Amatőr Golf Tour 2019" according to the MidAm Golf Tour 2019 point sheet.

On the Hungarian MidAm Open Championship, all foreign players will take points according to their places even they are not registered on the "MidAm Golf Tour 2019" Series. Non-MidAm participants of MidAm Order of Merit Tournament won't take points according to their places and MidAm players will be replaced.

Winners of "MidAm Golf Tour 2019"

The most points collected by the man and woman in their categories will be the winner. Upon tie the most winning counts. If it's still equal, then the most 2nd, 3rd, 4th places count.

Publishing of "MidAm Golf Tour 2019"

Order of Merit list of the "MidAm Golf Tour 2019" is refreshed and published the next Wednesday noon after each tournament.


Winners of each category will be invited to the Winter Training Camp of 2019/2020. Runner up and 3rd places of each category will get a major discount on the above-mentioned winter training. Furthermore, the 4-10th places in Gents category will also get a decent discount on the winter training prices.

Attention! The "MidAm Golf Tour 2019" points will be added to the Adult category of the National Order of Merit published by the Hungarian Golf Federation and thus a MidAm category points will be calculated. "MidAm Golf Tour 2019" places will be taken into account by 25% weight in the evaluation of the MidAm Golfer of the Year published by the Hungarian Golf Federation.


Present Rules comes into effect from 19th of March 2019.


Rules are subject to change!


We wish everyone a successful golf season for 2019!


Zilahy Csaba

the President of the Hungarian MidAm Golf Association