8th Hungarian Mid-Am Open Championship

(WAGR event)

the 4th - 6th of September 2020

Organizer: The Hungarian Mid-Am Golf Association with the Hungarian Golf Federation & Zala Springs Golf Resort

Rules: The Championship is organized according to the Rules of the R&A Rules Limited, of the MidAm Golf Tour 2020, of the Rules of Competition of the Hungarian Golf Federation, and of the local rules of Zala Springs Golf Resort, (Zalacsány).

Dates:                                   4th to 6th of September 2020 (3 days)

Venue:                                  Zala Springs Golf Resort, (Zalacsány)

Form:                                    Stroke play on 54 (3x18) holes

CUT:                                      After 36 holes

Application deadline:    2nd of September 2020, 4 PM.

Application fee:               € 175 pp

WAGR:                                 The championship a WAGR event

The application fee can be paid on the venue (during the practice day) or by bank transfer to the following account:

Owner: MMAGE Magyar Mid-Amatőr Golf Sportegyesület

Bank:    OTP Bank NyRt.

IBAN:   HU13 1170 2067 2000 3043 0000 0000


Please indicate the player's exact name in the notice of the bank transfer.

The application fee includes:

- green fees for the practice round + 3 days of Championship;

- snacks and unlimited refreshments for 3 days;

- participation on Thursday (NEW!) Opening Ceremony & Dinner;

- participation on Saturday's dinner and wine tasting night;

- golf clinics in groups during the 3 days (registration is needed at the welcome desk);

- participation on Friday's White Party;

- Lunch on Sunday & Prize giving ceremony.

Application: only in written form through this website

Tees:               men's back tee (white)

                          ladies' back tee (blue)

Participants: Hungarian and foreign citizens (amateur golfers) with a minimum age of 30 years (date of birth: 4th of September 1990). The player must be affiliated to his/her national golf federation as hold a valid handicap. There is no upper age limit.

The maximum number of players is 144. Upon exceeding the limit, members of the Hungarian MidAm Golf Association have an advantage for up to 50% of the field. Ladies have an advantage up to one-third of the field. In any other case, the first 144 players with the lowest handicap are invited to the championship. The Championship Committee holds the right to modify the date of the deadline.


CUT: In men's gross category the first 45 players with the lowest 2-day aggregate scores and ties. In ladies' gross category the first 10 players with the lowest 2-day aggregate gross scores and ties. Furthermore in net men's category the first 10 players with the lowest 2-day aggregate net scores and ties, and in ladies' net category the first 5 players with the lowest 2-day aggregate net scores and ties.

If the field does not reach 72 players with the above-mentioned rules, then male players are invited according to their gross 2-day results. Ties are all invited to or rejected from the 3rd day, depending on the number of available places.

Wildcard: The Championship Committee keeps the right to issue 6 cards.

HCP limit:

in Hungarian gents: 18.0 (WHS or EGA HCP), but can apply to waitlist up with 22.0 handicap.

in Hungarian ladies: 26.0 (WHS or EGA HCP), but can apply to waitlist up with 32.0 handicap.

in foreign gents: 12.0 (WHS or EGA HCP), but can apply to waitlist up with 18.0 handicap.

in foreign ladies: 18.0 (WHS or EGA HCP), but can apply to waitlist up with 22.0 handicap.

If the field does not reach a maximum of 144 players, then players from the waitlist will be added according to their handicaps.

Handicap certificate: Players without valid Hungarian Golf Federation's registration must present at the latest of the 2nd of September 2020 to the Championship Committee a valid handicap certificate issued by his / her home club / national golf federation.

Championship Committee: Révész Tamás, Gschwendtner Sonja, Jakobi András, Buna Edvin, Berger Bangó

Referees: Jakobi András (chief referee), Buna Edvin, Berger Bangó (St. Andrews qualified referees)


1. Hungarian (only for Hungarian citizens)

gross   1-3. places (Gents)           the lowest 3-day aggregate gross strokes

gross   1-3. places (Ladies) [1]   the lowest 3-day aggregate gross strokes

net        1-3. places (Gents)           the lowest 3-day aggregate net strokes

net        1-3. places (Ladies)          the lowest 3-day aggregate net strokes

Hungarian Champions

Krämer András (Gents)

Turkovics Ilona (Ladies)

2. Open (anyone in the field)

gross   1-3. places (Gents)           the lowest 3-day aggregate gross strokes

gross   1-3. places (Ladies) [2]   the lowest 3-day aggregate gross strokes

Open Champions

Franz Prem (Austrian)

Nina Banovic (Croatian)

Tee off

Up to 84 players: from 2 tees. Between 85 and 104 players from 1 tee, and above 104 players from 2 tees with morning and afternoon groups. Startlist on the first day is prepared in the EHCP/WHS ascending order. On the second day, the start list will be prepared in the same order as on the first day, but with changed tees (if 2 tee start is in effect). On the 3rd day (after CUT) in ascending order of the 2-day aggregate gross scores. In a flight, same gander should play 3 balls.

Startlist will be available on this website, at the welcome desk of the venue and on PC Caddie from the 3rd of September 2020 at 4 PM.  Reception can be reached at +36-20-403-4960).

Tied: For the Hungarian Champion and for the Open Champion titles (1st place in gross category both male and female) a play-off must be played upon tied. The Championship Committee decides the hole(s). Play-off must be played in sudden death. Tides on other places are decided by the best gross / net scores on the last 36, 18, 9, 6, 3, 1 holes. If a decision can't be made then the Championship Committee decides randomly.

The pace of play: 4 hours 15 minutes for every flight.

Return of the scorecards: Without any delay, players must return their scorecards at the scoring area with the signature of the player and the marker. Upon leaving the scoring area, the scorecard can't be modified.

Prizegiving ceremony: In 30 minutes after the last flight returned the scorecards.


3rd of September 2020 (Thursday)

from 8 AM. tee-offs for the practice round (tee time reservation is strongly recommended +36 20 403 4960)

from 6 PM. Opening Ceremony & Dinner with a presentation of the start list of the 1st day

4th of September 2020 (Friday)

8 AM.    Tee-offs (from 1 or 2 tees)

6 PM.    Hungarian MidAm's General Assembly

7 PM.    White Party & presentation of the 2nd day's start list

5th of September 2020 (Saturday)

8 AM.    Tee-offs (from 1 or 2 tees)

6 PM.    Grill Dinner & Wine Tasting Night & presentation of the CUT & 3rd day's start list

6th of September 2020 (Sunday)

8 AM.    Tee-offs (from 2 tees)

1 PM.    Lunch at the clubhouse

3 PM.    Prizegiving ceremony

During the Championship golf clinics are held. Registration should be done at the welcome desk prior.

All of the above-mentioned programs are complimentary for golf players. Spouse tickets are available upon request at the welcome desk at a cost of €80 pp.

Caddies: Professionals are not allowed to caddie to the players. Breaching the rule occurs 2 penalty strokes on each hole where the rule is breached.

Golfcart: can be used in line with the Hungarian Golf Federation's Tournament Conditions.

Accommodation: accommodations are available at the venue. For more details please visit Zala Springs Golf Resort (0km). Further recommendations: Batthyány Kastélyszálló (1km) and Hotel Europa Fit 4* Hévíz (12km)

The Championship Conditions are subject to change.

[1] above 20 players: 1-3 places

[2] above 20 players: 1-3 places

Appendix 1: Recommendation to tournament organizers by the Hungarian Golf Federation

Appendix 2: Tournament Rules by the Hungarian Golf Federation

Appendix 3: Order of Merit Rules by the Hungarian Golf Federation

Appendix 4: Official website of the Hungarian Government about the Covid-19 restrictions

8th Hungarian Mid-Am Open Golf Championship