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Hungarian MidAm Open Championship 2021

counting event for WAGR

Organizer: The Hungarian MidAm Golf Association and The Hungarian Golf Federation

Rules: The Championship is organized according to the rules of the R&A Rules Limited, the Hungarian Golf Federation, the Mid-Am Golf Tour 2021 and the Local Rules of Zala Springs Golf Resort.

Participants: Golfers of all nations regardless of gender, with an age limit of 30 years (date of birth earlier than 4th of September 2021). No upper age limit. Participants must hold a valid handicap and registration to his or her National Golf Body with a legal permission for playing on golf championships. 

Date of championship:      3-5 September 2021

Venue of championship:   Zala Springs Golf Resort, (Zalacsány)

Form:                                         Stroke play 54 (3x18) holes

Official practice day:          2 September 2021 (Thursday)

Application deadline:         1 September 2021 (Wednesday noon)

Fee:                                            €190 / player

WAGR:                                      WAGR points are awarded

Application is valid only with hadicap certificate sent to the Championship Committee.

Application fee can be paid on the day of the chack in, but latest of 2 September 2021.

Application fee includes:

- participation on the Championship;

- 4 greenfees

- 3x snack

- buffet dinner on Friday;

- refreshing massage (5-10 min);

- wine tasting and grill party on Saturday;

- Sunday lunch.

Prizes, categories, tee boxes

                               form                   places     tee box

Gross Gents     gross stroke    1-3.           gents back tee (white)

Net Gent A        stroke-HCP     1-3.           

Net Gents B      stroke-HCP      1-3.         

Gross Ladies    gross stroke     1-3.          ladies back tee (blue)

Net Ladies         stroke-HCP      1-3.

Open Champion 2020 in gents:     Dr. Gal Jos

Open Champion 2020 in ladies:     Kocsis Réka

In net categories the results will be calculated after the first 2 days.

In gross categories the results will be calculated after 3 days.

Field limit:

In ladies and gents categories maximum 144 players. In case of oversubscription ladies enjoy advantage up to 30% of the field. Then the members of Magyar Mid-Amatőr Golf Sportegyesület have advantage for 50% of the field. Otherwise the first 144 lowest handicap players will be accepted by the Committee regardless gender or nationality.


70% of the men based on the 2-day best gross scores, but maximum 60 players (including ties).

70% of the ladies based on the 2-day best gross scores, but maximum 12 players (including ties).


If the number of players do not reach 72 based on the above mentioned system, then further men will be added to the final by their best 2-day scores (incl. ties).

Handicap limit:

Hungarian citizens: gents 16.0 HCPI, ladies: 24.0 HCPI

Other citizens: gents 10.0 HCPI, ladies: 16.0 HCPI

Waiting list (for Hungarian players):

up to 90 players in the field: 28 HCPI

up to 110 players in the field: 26 HCPI

up to 130 players in the field: 24 HCPI

above 130 players 18.0 HCPI for gents and 24.0 HCPI for ladies

Waiting list (for foreigners):

up to 90 players in the field: 18 HCPI for gents, 24.0 HCPI for ladies

up to 110 players in the field: 16 HCPI for gents, 22.0 HCPI for ladies

up to 130 players in the field: 14 HCPI for gents, 20.0 HCPI for ladies

above 130 players 12.0 HCPI for gents and 18.0 HCPI for ladies

If the field cannot be filled up with players within the handicap limit, then players from waiting list will  be added to the field in handicap order.


Révész Tamás (president), Gschwendtner Sonja, Jakobi András, Bangó Berger Botond

Referees of the Championship:

Jakobi András (chief referee), Bangó Berger Botond

for further information about the referees, please click here

Special Awards

Best Hungarian Man

Best Hungarian Lady

Players can take prize in both gross and net category.

Special award can be won by only Hungarian citizens.

Tee offs

On the first day startlist will be set up by handicap order. On the second day startlist will be set up by the gross results of the first day. Third day's startlist will be prepared by the aggregate scores of the first and second day's results. Flights have 3 players and same gender is prefered. Green card players will be started in the field according to their handicaps, but on the third day the Committee can move these players.

Information about the startlist will be available from 4 PM. on the 2nd of September 2021 at the Information Board or by phone on +36-20-403-4960 or on GOLFiGO.



In both genders in gross category in case of tie play-off will decide the winner.

In both genders in net category the last 36, 18, back 9 (physical10-18), 6, 3, 1 holes will decide.

Pace of play:

According to the Rules of the Hungarian Golf Federation. Please check Information Board for details.

Returning of score-cards:

Score-cards must be returned as soon as the round has been finished at the scoring area. After returning the score-card, there is no way to modify it.


Professional teachers and players shouldn't help players.

Using golf cart:

According to the Rules of HGF, use of golf cart is not allowed.

The players responsibility to know the conditions and rules of the Champioship. Decisions of the Committee are final. Rules are subject to change.

Programs of the Championship


from 8:00 AM   Practice rounds (tee time booking is highly recommended at +36 20 403 4960)

                               Lunch / dinner after the practice round

4 PM.                   Announcing draw

Before starting your round please check in at the welcome desk.


8:00 AM.           Tee off (morning groups from 2 tees)

12:30 PM.         Buffet Lunch for morning flights

12:40 PM.         Tee off (afternoon groups from 2 tees)

5 PM.                  Buffet Dinner for afternoon flight

6:30 PM.            Annual General Meeting (for Hungarian MidAm members)

7:30 PM.            Büttner Wine Tasting Evening & Announcing draw for the 2nd round (complimentary welcome for spouses)


8:00 AM.          Tee off (morning groups from 2 tees)

12:40 PM.        Tee off (afternoon groups from 2 tees)

6 PM.                 The Box Donuts Grill & Donuts Party

6:30 PM.           Prize giving ceremony in net categories

                            Announcing CUT, and draw for the 3rd round


8:00 AM.          Tee off (from 2 tees)

12:30 PM.        Lunch

2:30 PM.          Prize giving ceremony

During the Championship masseurs of Zala Springs are waiting for you to have a 5-10 minutes refreshing massage.

All programs are included in the application fee.

Egyéb nem vagy csak részben szabályozott kérdésekben a MidAm Golf Tour 2021 kiírása az irányadó!

Warning and disclaimer!

All players apply, participate and play on the Championship by their own risk. Their own responsibility for keeping the health & safety regulations, taking care their own and others health. By paying the application fee all of the above mentioned regulations are considered to be accepted. MMAGE do not accept any kind of claim in relation to health, wealth or moral damage occurred by the dismissal of these regulation.

We wish you a nice game!