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Pace of play recommendation

The Championship Committee have the right to introduce at their discretion ready golf to flights that are failing to keep up with the pace of play during the round or flights may even be requested to use ready golf from the first hole that struggled to keep the pace of play from the previous day.

Regulation of Ready Golf

- if the player is not ready to play (because he rackes the sand, or did not reach his ball's position), then the other players, who are ready can play

- you can play your ball before helping to your fellow player in searching his / her ball

- chipping or pitching to the green even if you are closer to the green, than your fellow player's ball behind the green

- to hole out if there is a short putt

Actions taken by the Committee in case of a slow play

Step 1. If a group fall behind the pace of play by more that 10 minutes they will be given a target as to when they have to be back on track regarding the stipulated pace of play. An example if by hole 4 they are 10 minutes or more behind then when they finish the 6 hole they must have made up the time. If so then no further action is taken.

Step 2. If the group are still behind the pace of play by more than 5 minutes the group will be put on the stop watch to determine if one player is causing the slow play or the whole group, they will be given another target, following the previous example – if after finishing hole 8 they are still behind the identified individual or the whole group will be penalized for slow play.

Step 3. The group will be followed and further appropriate action will be taken get the group back on track

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