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New venue at the MidAm Golf League

This time, our series of articles focuses on the addition of a new venue to the MidAm Golf League. The 3rd stop in the series will be a visit to Sedín Golf Resort in Slovakia, which was unveiled at the MidAm AGM in January. Now we asked the association's president, András Krämer, about details.

Last year the MidAm Golf League has already visited Slovakia. Why did you switch?

That's right, we played on the 18-hole Welten Golf Club in Bácsfa in 2022, which was an excellent venue for us in every aspect. A good quality golf course and very nice people welcomed us. In addition, the restaurant and accommodation were excellent, for which we are very grateful to our Slovakian friends and hope to return again one day.

For now, however, we would like to introduce another foreign course to our membership. Since Sedín Golf Resort is about the same distance from Budapest as Bácsfa, and in addition, Sedín is hosting the European Young Masters this year, which also took place in Balatonudvari in 2011, we thought it would be an obvious place to contact. The course is a par-73 from both the men's and women's tees. Men's standard tee has a course rating of 72.8 and a slope rating of 141, while women's standard tee has a course rating of 74.4 and a slope rating of 138. The entry is open now in GOLFiGO.

A limited number of accommodation options are available next to the golf course, which was also an important consideration for players last year. Players can book at a 10% discount at €72 per room per night by emailing or calling +421 948 073 225.

Of course, like last year, the MidAm Golf League is open to all golfers, so we especially welcome entries from our Slovakian friends, with whom we will also be playing a friendly match play tournament on the following day.

Information on what partner club discounts are available to our members will be provided by Sedín Golf Resort is coming soon. Follow our website for our news.

Thank you for the information! And not just to talk about the course, here are some introductory photos and videos.

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Sedin Golf Resort Birdie Book (with video from each holes)

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